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Welcome to the Scientific Software Specialists website. We provide scientific software for a variety of applications and to a number of industry sectors as well as providing a consultancy service.
One area to which we supply scientific software is the biological sciences research sector. Different laboratories need different kinds of software, although there are some common kinds of software that most laboratories need, such as spectroscopy, chromatographic, and chemometric software, as well as software that enables users to make working models of molecular structures.

Spectroscopy software is one of the most popular kinds of laboratory software that we design. In truth more a kind of chemometric software, it allows the scientist to determine exactly what a given substance is made of. Once they know exactly what a substance is, they are then able to predict how it will behave.

Spectroscopy software removes the need for manual comparisons that normally take a very long time to accomplish. This kind of software is used to analyze the data that comes back from a spectrophotometer. This is an instrument that causes a given amount of energy to be directed toward a particular object being tested. This energy interacts with the item and is then measured. Spectroscopy software reads this data and allows the readings to be analyzed, enabling a comparison against readings from previous tests of similar or different substances that have already been identified. From those comparisons the test substance can be identified.

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If you are looking for a scientific software company as you need a unique application to perform specific tasks in a scientific context, exactly and efficiently, with no degree for error, then we are the people you need to talk to. Also, if you need application software development services, and are looking for an experienced team to consult with, look no further. Why not get in touch with our Scientific Software Specialists to learn more.

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